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PaintChecker industrial n-gauge

Der PaintChecker industrial n-gauge ist ein photothermisches Schichtdickenmessgerät für den automatisierten Einsatz in der Produktion.

The PaintChecker industrial n-gauge is a photo-thermal coating thickness measuring device for automated use in the production process. It combines OptiSense's many years of experience in the manufacture of reliable and durable coating thickness measuring devices used to monitor components during production, and the fabrication of unmatched small sensors that are flexible to use.

The underlying photo-thermal measuring process is standardized as per DIN EN 15042-2 and is suitable for the study of humid, powdery and dry coatings on various substrates such as metal, rubber and ceramics.

The special feature of the PaintChecker industrial n-gauge is, among other things, the only about 150 g light sensor which is available in two different housing variants, as well as the ability to operate up to 8 of these sensors with only one controller unit. Simultaneous measurements at different positions of a component can be implemented without any loss of time with the PaintChecker industrial n-gauge. Combined with ease of integration, this results in significantly faster turnaround times, improved data quality - and control, a reduction in costly motion machines, and an increased efficiency.

Der PaintChecker industrial n-gauge ist ein photothermisches Schichtdickenmessgerät für den automatisierten Einsatz in der Produktion. 3

The PaintChecker industrial n-gauge can flexibly integrate the production line. There it identifies process deviations right after the coating and thus helps to avoid backlog and unnecessary material rejection.

The measurements can be done in Stop & Go operation on the resting measuring object, as well by using an active motion compensation directly on the moving object to be measured.


The clear OptiSense user software allows real time  visualisation of the measured coating thicknesses during automated operation and forwards the measuring values to the existing process control. Furthermore, the OptiSense user software allows manual usage of the measuring device e.g. to implement new material combinations.

As an option, the PaintChecker industrial n-gauge can also be controlled via a QDAS®-control interface. This allows database supported, feature-based recording of the measuring data, which supports the highest demands in quality assurance.


The PaintChecker industrial n-gauge uses OptiSense's LARES®-technology. This makes it an eye-safe optical measuring device and can be operated without technical protective measures.

Tailored to our customers' specific requirements, we offer our measuring devices with different optics which allows them to realise different measuring field sizes and distances. As a result it is possible e.g. to study rough surfaces - ideally with a large measuring field. For small structures a comparatively smaller measuring field is more suitable

Specification of PaintChecker industrial n-gauge

Sensor Typ

Field size                    Distance ± Toleranz

1.6  90°

0,50 x 0,50 mm²          16 mm ± 1 mm


1,00 x 1,00 mm²          35 mm ± 3 mm


PaintChecker industrial n-gauge / Sensor 3,5
PaintChecker industrial n-gauge / Winkelsensor 1,6, 90°

Technical data:


The aluminium sensor is designed for the assembly on fixed supports. The prefabricated cable between measuring head and evaluation unit has a length of 3 m.


Value / Value range

Coating thickness range

typ. 1 - 300 µm (metallic substrates)*

typ. 0 -   60 µm (non-metallic substrates)*

Repeat rate

max. 2 Hz*

Measuring duration

8 ... 512 ms**

Laser performance  

max. 1,0 W (Laser class 1M)**

Laser operation type

pulse mode


approx. 1 % of the current measuring value*

Measuring accuracy

approx. 3 % of the current measuring value*

Distance tolerance

± 1 mm/ ± 3 mm ***

Angle tolerance

± 15°


L = 102 mm, Ø = 30 mm


approx. 150g


*     depending on coating/substrate combination
**   depending on coating thickness
*** depending on Sensortype

PaintChecker industrial n-gauge / Controller-Einheit


The Controller-Unit includes a solid IP50 aluminium housing which houses the supply and control of the Sensor  as well as the components for data analysis and storage of basic measurement settings. The communication to a connected PC is done via the network and/or Profinet IO. The complete control of the measuring process and storage of the measuring data is enabled on the PC using the supplied visualisation software.


Value / Value range

Power supply

100-230V AC, 50-60 Hz, max. 40 W


ProfinetIO à RJ45
Service AnyBus/ModbusRTU+ASCII à RS 232; OptiSense Service à USB 2.0


L x W x H = 330 x 272 x 110 mm³


approx. 7 kg

Environmental requirements


Value / Value range


< 90% relative humidity (non condensing)

Operating Temperature

10°C - 40°C


Contamination of the lens < 5%


Avoid direct infrared radiation

Protection class


Scope of delivery

The delivery scope of measuring systems includes:

  • Sensor with connection cable, can be mated from both sides
  • Controller-Unit IP50
  • Supply and network cable
  • Software
  • Operating instructions
  • Laser-reference-normal


The following accessories are available as an option:

  • Calibration for special applications
  • QDAS®procella control interface
  • Sensor bracket

Ask for application specific accessories and software for your tasks!

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