Paint Checker automation – a new dimension of optical measuring technology

Paint Checker automation - optische Messtechnik in einer neuen Dimension

PaintChecker automation is a hand-held measuring device to perform non-contact, non-destructive measurements of coating thickness.

PaintChecker automation is a photothermic measuring device which performs non-contact, non-disturbance measurements of coating thicknesses according to DIN EN 15042-2. It is suitable for moist or dry organic coatings such as solvent- and water-based paints, powder coatings and glazes on various substrates such as metal, extruded rubber and ceramics.

The light, handy measuring head lets you perform measurements by hand. Its opto-mechanical structure also allows it to be used in the immediate vicinity of the paint application.

The accompanying software ensures comfortable use and configuration of the device and includes other data storage and reporting functions.

PaintChecker automationcan optionally be activated via a QDAS® user interface. This permits database-supported, feature-based acquisition of measured data that meets the highest quality assurance requirements.

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