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PaintChecker industrial – the most compact sensor for non-contact inline coating thickness measuring

PaintChecker industrial is a compact measuring unit for non-contact, non-destructive measurement of coating thicknesses in automated applications.

PaintChecker industrial is a photothermic coating-thickness measuring device for automated use in production. It is the outcome of many years of experience by the company OptiSense in manufacturing reliable, long-lived devices to monitor components during production by measuring their coating thickness, combined with the production of unbeatably small-scale and therefore flexibly applicable sensors.

The basic photothermic measuring process complies with the DIN EN 15042-2 standard and is suitable for investigating moist, powdery and dry coatings on various substrates such as metal, rubber and ceramics.

The outstanding advantage of PaintChecker industrial is its light, handy sensor, which weighs only 100g. It is easily integrated into a production line, either rigidly by a standard clamp mounting or movably via a light, automated mobile device. Once installed there, it can start recognising process deviations immediately after coating to help avoid returns and unnecessary material rejection.

The clearly organised OptiSense user software permits automated real-time visualisation of measured coating thicknesses and forwards the measurements to the installed process control. It also enables the measuring device to be operated manually, e.g. to teach in new material combinations.

PaintChecker industrial can optionally be activated via a QDAS® operating interface. This facilitates a database-supported, feature-based acquisition of measured data that meets the highest quality assurance requirements.

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