PaintChecker Industrial sensors

Whether glossy paint, rough powder coating, thick glass ceramic, tiny part or use in the tightest of spaces, we offer the right sensor for every application - small, lightweight, eye-safe and ideal for robot mounting.

Laser sensors

The OptiSense laser sensors use a diode laser as a light source − with all the advantages of semiconductor technology, such as long service life, high efficiency and absolute vibration resistance. We have versions with a tiny measurement spot for micro-mechanical applications and special angle sensors with folded optics featuring a particularly small measurement distance that can be used even in the tightest of spaces. The sensor models equipped with our eye-safe LARES® technology can be operated without any further protective measures.

LED sensors

Our LED sensors have a larger measurement spot than the laser versions and are particularly suitable for the rough and granular surface of powders and pastes. Depending on the coating material, you can choose between infrared and UV excitation models. Thereby it is also possible to take measurements on non-metallic surfaces. The compact sensors in a cube-shaped housing are particularly flexible for mounting, thanks to the configurable cable connection and their large contact surface, ensuring optimum heat dissipation.

High-power versions

Photothermal measurements on thick layers with high glass or metal content require a higher lighting intensity. Furthermore, the power requirement increases with the distance between sensor and part. For these applications, sensors with the same outer dimensions are available as high-power versions with increased output power. Version 10.0 also has a longer measuring distance and a higher energy density, so that in many cases precision positioning of the part during the measurement is not required.

PaintChecker Industrial controllers

Whether paint, powder or glaze, rough, smooth or particularly thick, cured or immediately after application: our PaintChecker Industrial controller measures the coating thickness at up to eight points at the same time − contactless and fully automated in continuous industrial operation.

PaintChecker Industrial

The PaintChecker Industrial controller includes the driver and power supply for the sensor, stores the measurement configuration and manages the data flow to the plant control system. The controller is mounted in a robust, dust-proof aluminium housing and comes in different versions for laser and LED sensors. It is connected to the sensor via a flexible cable and can also be mounted remotely. A serial interface and a ProfinetIO connection are integrated for communication with the PC and system PLC.

The PaintChecker Industrial models support multi-point measurements with up to 8 sensors. They acquire all measurement points at the same time and evaluate them simultaneously. Measurements on multiple parts or different part positions are performed in a fraction of the time without cost-intensive automatic movement systems. This is a very cost-effective way to reduce throughput times in automated production lines. All sensors of the laser, LED or high-power series can be combined with the respective PaintChecker Industrial model.

PaintChecker Industrial high-power models

The high-power versions of the controllers are recommended for measurements on thick layers with high glass or ceramic content,  The otherwise functionally identical OptiSense high-power controllers have a reinforced power supply unit. In addition to the higher excitation power, the associated high-power sensors have a larger measuring distance and a higher energy density, thus simplifying the positioning of the part during the measurement.

Clear Benefits

  • Robust photothermal measurement process for a large number of material combinations
  • Longest service life, energy efficiency and vibration resistance, thanks to the semiconductor light source
  • Small measuring spot for corners, edges and hard-to-reach places
  • Compact design for use in confined spaces
  • Minimal weight, optimal for robot mounting
  • Eye-safe models with patented LARES® technology available
  • Up to eight measurements simultaneously, even with different sensors
  • High-power versions for thick coatings, large measuring distance and higher energy density
  • Short measuring time for high-speed production lines
  • Interfaces to industry standard PLC and QA systems
The PaintChecker Industrial Cube Sensor mounted on a model robot
The PaintChecker Industrial Tube Sensor mounted on a modern pick-and-place robot