The innovators from Haltern am See celebrate their brand birthday.

PaintChecker Cube

Miniaturization to the square. Fits in every line

PaintChecker Tube

So light that it can be mounted on any robot arm.

PaintChecker Pen

A mobile, miniature master, ideal for delicate small parts.

Meet Our Experts

From choosing the right system to calibration, we'll answer all your questions.

PaintChecker Gun

The lightweight sensor reaches even tightest places.

PaintChecker Angle

The industrial sensor that can measure around corners.

PaintChecker Cube

Our miniature sensor is the top choice for rough coatings.

PaintChecker Tube-HP

The tiny HP high-power sensor with extra "oomph".

PaintChecker Lab

Ideal for continuous operation in the lab.

Our Reference Standards

The highest degree of accuracy and traceability of a measurement.

Maximum miniaturisation in coating thickness measurement

OptiSense is the world's leading provider of photothermal measuring systems for coating thicknesses on a wide variety of substrates. Our innovative PaintChecker solutions include industrial test systems, mobile measuring devices and numerous related services.

Since the PaintChecker sensors are developed and manufactured in-house – made in Germany –, we can also offer you tailor-made solutions for the most unusual applications.

All good things ...

come in threes. Our OptiSense portfolio proves that the best things usually come in threes. Whether industrial test systems, mobile measurement devices or services, our solutions are guaranteed to get to grips with any measurement task, no matter how demanding.

Making savings potential measurable and fully exploiting it

The presentation on resource efficiency in coating by OptiSense Sales Manager Jörg Mülleneisen was a great success at JOT Lackier- und Pulvertreff. After all, testing and measurement technology can be a key lever in the surface industry for making potential savings measurable and fully exploiting them. Anyone who did not have the opportunity to attend live can now request a presentation under the keyword "Resource efficiency":


OptiSense presents latest solutions in Jakarta

Manufactoring Indonesia is taking place for the 32nd time this year. The leading trade fair will take place from December 6 to 9, 2023 in Jakarta, International Expo Kemayoran. Industry leaders and key players in the global manufacturing industry will showcase their latest products and services.

OptiSense will showcase the state of the art in sensor technology and measurement systems as well as the latest developments and results in measurement science. Visit us in Hall A | Booth 1203.


Advent calendar 2023 – Behind every door is a prize

Every Sunday in Advent, a door opens on OptiSense.com in our big Advent calendar competition: From December 1, 2023, there will be a new chance to win attractive prizes every Advent Sunday. After opening the door, you have one week to participate.

These are the prizes:

1 x 1 555,- Euro OptiSense shopping voucher
5 x 1 Advent gift basket with all sorts of goodies
25 x 1 FARE®-Gearshift automatic stick umbrella


Accurate monitoring of high-tech coatings – Efficient testing along the whole line

Today, paint manufacturers develop highly complex paint systems with optimized properties for the respective application. On the other hand, the specifications of such high-tech coatings must be adhered to ever more accurate to ensure that they deliver consistent quality. Due to the complexity of such paint systems, the coating thickness of the high-tech paints must be checked as early as possible in the process.

OptiSense has developed a unique expertise in high-tech coating thickness testing that exceeds even the most stringent specifications and highest quality requirements of your clients.


The German Business Award goes to OptiSense

OptiSense has been granted the German Business Award 2023. This award recognizes companies from all over Germany for their innovation and excellence in their business practices as well as their outstanding overall performance.

OptiSense is the only German company in the field of coating thickness measurement to receive the award for strong innovations, sustained top performance and its outstanding market position in the sensor industry.

Stoz measures wet paint on chrome prior to baking

Whether piano finish, metallic effects or anti-slip coatings: Painting on chrome is a particular challenge - especially when it comes to accurately checking the coating thickness in the wet state. The management team at Stoz GmbH, Managing Director Maximilian Stoz and department heads Holger Salzmann, Jürgen Andrusch and Steffen Fessele, explain how they accomplished this with the PaintChecker Mobile.

OptiSense sensors celebrate Halloween for the very first time

Halloween goes back to a pre-Christian tradition and refers to the evening before All Hallows' Eve. And although the Celtic festival is already some 2500 years old, our PaintChecker Line and Angle industrial sensors are experiencing the creepy night for the very first time - obviously, since the latest additions to our sensor family have just been launched on the market.

Thanks to their robust industrial housing, the new generation of OptiSense PaintChecker Industrial Line laser sensors can be operated even under harshest environmental conditions. The optimized thermal design enables continuous operation at high measurement rates of up to 2.5 Hz.

The laser sensors meet IP 50 rating, weigh 330 g and measure 38 x 36 x 104 mm for the PaintChecker Line and 77 x 36 x 65 mm for the PaintChecker Angle sensor.

Coating thickness sensors with built-in time saver

The commissioning of measurement and test equipment in a coating plant should be as simple and efficient as possible. In the sensor industry, too, there are solutions that speed up the job of design engineers and installers. An example are the industrial sensors from OptiSense with a completely new design that eliminates the need for any mounting bracket. It saves time during installation and simplifies assembly.

Gulf Coatings Show 2023

In October, OptiSense had the pleasure of presenting a technical paper during the Gulf Coatings Show in Sharjah.

The Gulf Coatings Show, an international trade fair for the coatings industry, took place for the second time in the United Arab Emirates. OptiSense Sales- and Development Manager Nico Janßen answered a lot of questions about non-contact coating thickness measurement at the show from October 9 to 11, 2023.