The innovators from Haltern am See celebrate their brand birthday.

PaintChecker Tube

So light that it can be mounted on any robot arm.

PaintChecker Pen

A mobile, miniature master, ideal for delicate small parts.

Meet Our Experts

From choosing the right system to calibration, we'll answer all your questions.

PaintChecker Gun

The lightweight sensor reaches even tightest places.

PaintChecker Angle

The industrial sensor that can measure around corners.

PaintChecker Cube

Our miniature sensor is the top choice for rough coatings.

PaintChecker Tube-HP

The tiny HP high-power sensor with extra "oomph".

PaintChecker Lab

Ideal for continuous operation in the lab.

Our Reference Standards

The highest degree of accuracy and traceability of a measurement.

Maximum miniaturisation in coating thickness measurement

OptiSense is the world's leading provider of photothermal measuring systems for coating thicknesses on a wide variety of substrates. Our innovative PaintChecker solutions include industrial test systems, mobile measuring devices and numerous related services.

Since the PaintChecker sensors are developed and manufactured in-house – made in Germany –, we can also offer you tailor-made solutions for the most unusual applications.

All good things ...

come in threes. Our OptiSense portfolio proves that the best things usually come in threes. Whether industrial test systems, mobile measurement devices or services, our solutions are guaranteed to get to grips with any measurement task, no matter how demanding.

OptiSense celebrates with a limited edition

For our 25th anniversary, the PaintChecker Mobile will be released in a limited edition with an exclusive color. The great thing is that our  fans can vote online for the ultimate look of the "PaintChecker Mobile 25 Years". And with a little luck, everybody taking part can win one of the hot prizes with a total value of over 5,000 Euros.


25 years of OptiSense: „The secret to success: be visionary every day!“

OptiSense turns twenty-five and is in its prime. On this anniversary, Managing Director Dr. Jens Heymans briefly reviews the history of the company and provides an insight into the topics and technologies that are currently driving OptiSense and its customers.

What our customers say

Dr. Felix Zabka, Managing Director of ConceptColor, explains the advantages in quality control when OptiSense coating thickness measurement systems are used – directly in the line in this application.

For the beginning of the new year

"And there is magic in every beginning," wrote Hermann Hesse. That's what we wish you for the beginning of the new year.  May the glow last for the entire twelve months - combined with good luck and, of course, plenty of health!

OptiSense early warning system saves tens of thousands of euros

During the live event of trade journal BESSER LACKÄR at Giga Coating in Twist, OptiSense Sales Manager Jörg Mülleneisen gave a presentation on coating thickness inspection systems for even more resource efficiency in coating.

It was no coincidence that Mülleneisen titled his presentation “Coating thickness measurement as a profitable adjusting screw”: host and OptiSense customer Giga-Coating was able to confirm that the company would have to reckon with a loss of several thousand euros if only a single part was overcoated.

These faulty coatings are now detected by the PaintChecker Mobile, the non-contact OptiSense test device, as an early warning system even before the curing oven.

OptiSense goes QIB

OptiSense will have an information booth on non-contact coating thickness measurement at the QIB Jubiläums-Praxisforum on November 17-18 in Wetzlar. In addition, Sascha Schmidt, OptiSense Sales Manager, and Martin Kolenda from the Metob group, will talk about "All-in-One Coating Thickness Testing of Highly Complex Components as a Profitable Process Tuning Parameter".


Resource efficiency becomes a competitive advantage

Rising material and energy prices as well as costs for scrap and disposal make the efficient use of resources an economically attractive challenge for coating companies. Test and measurement technology can make an important contribution to resource efficiency. The interview with OptiSense Managing Director Dr. Jens Heymans shows the potential and also gives a glimpse into the company's green ideas.

The measurement system in the heart of the process ensures first-class quality assurance

As soon as the parking sensors leave the powder booth, the coating thickness is immediately checked for each individual part. The measuring system consists of a controller as the processing unit, connected to the sensors via cables. The PaintChecker controller is attached directly to the powder coating booth. Before curing, each of the tens of millions of freshly coated parts travels on a conveyor belt through the inline measuring station, where the coating thickness is checked without any contact by a laser sensor.

Lackier- und Pulvertreff focuses on resource efficiency

At the JOT Lackier- und Pulvertreff in Mannheim, the industry looked at the "hot potatoes" of resource efficiency and sustainability. OptiSense Sales Manager Jörg Mülleneisen opened the second day's presentation program with the exciting topic "Learning from Swarms". He showed how mini-sensors can support industrial coating companies to optimize process quality by proper coating thickness measurement and save costs and energy at the same time.