PaintChecker TUBE

So light that it can be mounted on any robot arm.

PaintChecker PEN

A mobile, miniature master, ideal for delicate small parts.

Meet Our Experts

From choosing the right system to calibration, we'll answer all your questions.

PaintChecker GUN

The lightweight sensor reaches even tightest places.

PaintChecker ANGLE

The industrial sensor that can measure around corners.

PaintChecker CUBE

Our miniature sensor is the top choice for rough coatings.

PaintChecker TUBE-HP

The tiny HP high-power sensor with extra "oomph".

Our Reference Master

is the highest degree of accuracy and traceability of a measurement.

Maximum miniaturisation in coating thickness measurement

OptiSense is the world's leading provider of photothermal measuring systems for coating thicknesses on a wide variety of substrates. Our innovative PaintChecker solutions include industrial test systems, mobile measuring devices and numerous related services.

Since the PaintChecker sensors are developed and manufactured in-house, we can also offer you tailor-made solutions for the most unusual applications.

All good things ...

come in threes. Our OptiSense portfolio proves that the best things usually come in threes. Whether industrial test systems, mobile measurement devices or services, our solutions are guaranteed to get to grips with any measurement task, no matter how demanding.

Real-time coating thickness measurement directly in the line at ConceptColor

Coating thickness measurement is a key technology for quality assurance in the coating industry. To achieve this, however, the testing technology must be increasingly interlocked with actual production. This is the path ConceptColor has taken - extremely successfully, as the interview with Managing Director Dr. Felix Zabka and Deputy Production Manager Silke Goldmann- Rohde shows.

Behind every door is a prize

Every Sunday in Advent, a door opens on in our big Advent calendar competition: From December 1, 2021, there will be a new chance to win attractive prizes every Advent Sunday. After opening the door, you have one week to participate.


OptiSense's Q-DAS certification ensures process quality

Coating companies want to gain detailed insights into their data and also analyze their history in order to improve processes. A conversation with managing director Dr. Jens Heymans shows the added value of the production data processed and analyzed by OptiSense.

OptiSense offers a new recalibration service in accordance with VDA 5

Measurement processes are subject to a variety of influencing factors that lead to measurement uncertainties. In its volume, the VDA names 5 typical influencing variables to be examined, but requires the user to ensure that no relevant variables are neglected. OptiSense supports the coaters in this process: With the “recalibration”, the sensor manufacturer from Haltern ensures that its coating thickness measuring devices comply with the demanding VDA 5.

European Coating Show shows future coating trends

At the European Coating Show as the annual lighthouse event, top-class speakers from industry and science take a look at the coating industry of tomorrow. At the interesting mixture of well-known and top-class speakers, OptiSense managing director Georg Nelke was also present with the lecture Design of optical sensors for quality IIOT projects in coating applications.

The OptiSense sales team continues to grow

OptiSense, market leader in contactless coating thickness measurement, is further expanding its proximity to customers and enlarging its sales team: on board are Sascha Schmidt, who has recently become responsible for hand-held measuring devices, and Patrick Voos, who now strengthens the field sales force for industrial measurement solutions.

LIVE technical lecture:
Car Body Painting 2021

Georg Nelke, OptiSense Managing Director, will be speaking at Car Body Painting 2021 in Bad Nauheim to experts from well-known OEMs and Automotive Circle suppliers about Design of optical sensors for IIOT projects in coating applications.


White Paper: The coating of household appliances requires innovative solutions for coating thickness measurement

The interior coating of a baking oven must be scratch-resistant as well as easy to clean and withstand temperatures up to 500°C. Today, a glass-ceramic powder material is used for this purpose, which poses particular challenges for quality control in terms of coating thickness measurement.

Bachelor thesis „Comparison of coating thickness testing methods“ completed with 1.0

Thomas Krause, student of medical engineering in the department of electrical engineering and OptiSense work-study student, has completed his bachelor thesis with the top grade summa cum laude (with highest praise).