Paints are used in the most extreme of environments – even in ovens. This task requires a glass-ceramic powder material that withstands temperatures of 500°C – if the coating thickness is right. The powder coating is particularly thick and still soft when tested. For this scenario, OptiSense offers high-power sensor variants which excite the thickest of coatings and also allow a greater distance to the coating. When the coated cooking chamber has moved into the measuring station, the measurement can be started immediately without first having to position the test item exactly. The sensors keep the required distance from the walls of the cooking chamber in order to reliably prevent damage to the sensitive powder coating.

The photothermal measuring process is a fast and efficient method for the quantitative determination of coating thickness. It delivers precise, reproducible results and is ideally suited for use in highly automated production lines. All sensors are extremely easy to install and, due to their low weight, are designed for robot applications.

All rely on OptiSense