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Photo thermal thickness measurement

OptiSense Bürogebäude

- this has always been the expertise of the OptiSense GmbH & Co. KG.

The company was founded in 1998. Since 2009 the company headquarters is situated in Haltern am See, Germany.

We consistently pursue our goal to develop the optical measuring technology process for a wider range of customer environments. With many years of experience in optics, electrical engineering, computer science and precision equipment building - this sizable amount of experience is the unique capital of the OptiSense specialists for the user-oriented, cutting-edge technology development in the field of non-contact and non-destructive measurement in accordance with DIN EN 15042-2.


OptiSense has long recognized that non-destructive coating thickness measurement is not only a future-oriented quality control tool for larger companies. Because of this, our company has focused its efforts on further developing the technology consequently making it worthwhile for use in small series production.

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